April 2017 Newsletter

Please find the April 2017 newsletter issue of UKRAINE MISSIONS. This continues looking at a number of partners who offer great assistance in our efforts. In this month’s newsletter are reports from Volodya and Paval about their labors for the Lord in Ivano-Frankivsk and Starry Lysets.

The construction on the building is continuing very well. There is a brief update about the construction in this month’s report.

I am leaving for Ukraine on Monday (01 May) and will be sending back reports of the actions involved in this trip. These reports will be posted online. We continue having problems with the direct mailing of reports to subscribers. Hopefully this will be worked out soon. But the reports will be accessible online.

Thank you for your encouragement and support! Without your partnership we could not accomplish the successes reported in each month’s newsletter!

Click here to access the April 2017 UKRAINE MISSIONS newsletter: 17 04 April Monthly Newsletter


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