The Work

Our work in Ukraine began back in 1994 when John first went to Ukraine on a mission trip and worked in the Donetsk, Ukraine area (Donbass Oblast).  This mission trip became a yearly occurrence for several years.  The focus of the mission trips were on evangelistic efforts in the newly free nation of Ukraine as they grew out of the shackles of Russian dominance.  The early 90’s yielded many converts for Christ in Ukraine.

John continued to work in Ukraine, and eventually saw a need to go twice a year to the country.  His trips would alternate between evangelistic campaigns and edification/teaching trips for the local congregations.  There was a tremendous need to follow up with the new Christians as many began to fall away from the faith after their initial conversion and others needed strengthening in God’s Word. John saw a need to start working with congregations and preacher schools to help equip the young saints with knowledge of God’s Word and principles found within the inspired words from God.

For more than 10 years, John has been able to help coordinate humanitarian aid shipments to Ukraine and other countries.  These shipments are able to open to the door for local evangelistic efforts in ways that have not been available before.  As Ukraine has developed in the past few years, it has become increasingly difficult to reach some groups and areas of persons because of other religious or cultural aversions.  The humanitarian aid allows the people of Ukraine to see our love for them as people and open their hearts and minds to listening to the saving Gospel message.

Beginning in 2018, the Dalraida congregation in Montgomery, Alabama began oversight of his work. Dalraida is a mission-minded congregation that supports and oversees mission works around the world.  (Read more about Dalraida’s mission efforts at www.dalraidamissions.org).

John Kachelman Jr.

John has worked with congregations in Alabama, Arkansas, Missouri, Kentucky and Tennessee and he continues to speak regularly at various congregations, lectureships and gospel meetings. He is a graduate (‘76) of Freed-Hardeman University and has written many books, lesson series, and articles for religious publications.

Since 1994, John has worked closely with evangelism in Ukraine. His many trips have helped establish congregations and provide continued teaching for spiritual growth. He has also helped coordinate efforts to provide humanitarian aid distributed through local congregations in Ukraine and other countries around the world. As a point-man in helping coordinate these humanitarian shipments to other countries, he works to collect donated items and ship them to faithful congregations in the receiving countries. He works to insure that all benevolent aid is distributed by local Christians and the Lord’s Church receives credit for the good accomplished.

John is married to the former Jennifer Davenport and has four children Brian, John III, Rachel and Rebekah. Check out the Kachelman family website (www.kachelman.com) for more information on his family.