November 2017 UKRAINE MISSIONS Newsletter

In the above photo you see Andrew and Mykola the Director of Children’s Home that we help on a regular basis

One of the most encouraging reports in this month’s newsletter is the upcoming Medical Teaching Seminar that has been organized. It is called “MAKING A GREAT PHYSICIAN—THE CHRIST FACTOR.” This provides an amazing teaching seminar for medical students attending Ukraine’s Medical Institutes. We will be shipping supplies that will be used in the teaching segments of this seminar. At this point there are 125 medical students from NINETEEN foreign nations participating. This will offer a phenomenal opportunity to spread the gospel’s message.

A group of willing workers met to pack boxes with medical books that will be donated to the Medical Library in Ivano-Frankivsk, Ukraine. Over 1,000 medical books were donated!

My transition from Arkansas to Alabama continues to develop. Our efforts in all areas will continue as they have with the difference being that I will be coordinating out of Montgomery, AL instead of Searcy, AR. Our plans for loading containers have not lessened. We anticipate loading at least 2 containers out of Searcy in January and then more out of Columus, MS and Neelyville, MO as well as other locations.

Because of the move from Arkansas to Alabama please begin sending financial support to this address:

Dalraida Church of Christ

Attn: Ukraine Missions

3740 Atlanta Highway

Montgomery, Alabama 36109

Thank you for your encouragement, financial support and prayers in our efforts!

To read the November 2017 UKRAINE MISSIONS newsletter please click this link: 17 11 November Monthly Newsletter

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