Report #17–October 10, 2017

In the above photo you see (viewable if you click the link to go online) St Michael’s Cathedral in Kyiv, Ukraine

I have arrived in Kyiv and have been busy since arriving. The weather has cooled considerably and there has been a strong north wind blowing. As long as you walk with the wind it is ok but when you walk against the wind it is COLD!

Today I met with Victor Vasilovich from Vinnytsia. We are arranging a container of clothing and personal hygiene items to be shipped to him for distribution. This container has been collected by the brethren in Neelyville, MO and Tanya’s twin Jerry Max Morgan is coordinating the loading. Victor works with the retirees in Vinnytsia. The city has a population of 450,000+. There is a retired peoples association that numbers 60,000. It is this group that Victor fights to help. He told me today that one elderly lady was trying to sell some flowers to buy medicines and she had the flowers in a plastic bucket. She was fined for “non-conformity to the architectural style” of the community. If you want this in simple words—she put her plastic bucket down on the pavement!

There seems to be an open war upon the retirees in Vinnytsia as on each contact I have with Victor brings to my knowledge about another outlandish “crime” a retiree has been accused of committing.

The container from the Neelyville, MO brethren will be greatly appreciated in Vinnytsia!

On my last visit Victor Vasilovich from Vinnytsia requested an American flag for his office. I presenred one to him and he said that having the American flag in his office is a great honor. Amazing how much the American flag is honored and respected around the world!

As I left Kramatorsk I could not help but remember those precious children in the orphanage I visited. Here is a collection of photos from that visit: The Orphans of Ukraine

Thank you for your prayers and concerns on this mission trip.

John L. Kachelman, Jr.

Kyiv, Ukraine

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