Report #16–October 7, 2017

In the above photo you see (viewable if you click the link to go online) Nikita who has Cerebral Palsy. He has been using therapy in his home (look at the walking assist ramp behind him) but he needed a walker. He was given a walker from our container.

The visits to distribution sites are always SUPER encouraging. These moments help me remember the great good that is being accomplished by our efforts. Here are two different locations highlighting the great good that is being accomplished and the unforgettable impact that is being made for the Lord’s Church as His People seek to bring glory and honor to His Name.

Nikita is a 10-11 year old boy. He has Cerebral Palsy. We have been in contact with his mother and have offered various items they require for his needs. Today we brought a walker to him. His mother said that Nikita had been trying to walk but could not and really needed a walker. A walker is a “dream” and his mother thought it would never be possible. Nikita has been using a walking ramp (you can see it behind him in the above photo). But he just cannot manage to walk by himself. His mother was called and told that we had a walker and was bringing to him.

Nikita’s BIG Smile

Vlad, Volodya, Tanya and I took the walker to the home. We were welcomed by Nikita’s mother and as soon as Nikita saw us his face broke into a huge smile. Volodya told Nikita that we had a walker for him and Nikita instantly started using it.

As we left Vlad gave Nikita’s mom information on the Church and invited her to come and study the Bible and worship with us on a regular basis.

THANK YOU for putting this big smile on Nikita’s face!

Nikita’s mother Katya and little sister Masha
A ward with hospital beds and mattresses we shipped

At another stop I was given a tour of an oncology department. I was shown a number of items that had been given from our containers. Last December we shipped 30 beds and in March we shipped another 6. We also shipped gurneys and chairs and a number of other commodities.

Chemo treatment in the hospital. Here is a treatment chair we shipped.

As I was walking through the oncology department there were patients receiving their chemo treatments. The Doctor stopped at a treatment chair and said that it had been shipped and was very comfortable for the patients receiving treatments. Most have to lie on beds (look behind the chair) while the chemo treatment is infused.

Door with plaque citing that churches of Christ furnished this room

We walked down the corridor and was shown a ward with one of the beds shipped in December and one shipped in March. Later in the same corridor we were taken into a ward where more of the beds were used. As I passed the doors I was shown the plaques that had been placed on the doors stating that the churches of Christ had furnished the rooms. At the top of the plaque was the logo for our shipments and the phrase: “Churches of Christ, where everyone is loved!” Every day hundreds walk down the corridors and read the plaque. Each week many patients pass in and out of those rooms and see the posted plaques.

THANK YOU for making this impact upon the lives of those struggling with life’s problems.

As the day was ending we were back at the Consignee’s office. We had cake and tea and discussed various aspects of the work.

As I was about to leave several of the young men came to me and said, “When we saw the photos of your loading crew we were amazed. At the end of the load they were all smiling and embracing one another. This is amazing because of the beds they had just loaded. How can they still smile after loading 30 heavy beds? And your team is so not very young. We unloaded that container and after we unloaded it we could not smile at all. But your team did all of that work and is still smiling in the photo. How do they do this? We must know!”

I was not sure how to respond to such a comment but only to say “Our team is THE BEST!”

Here are photos of that FANTASTIC team loading the container in Arkansas that these young men unloaded in Kramatorsk…

James Mackey & Marvin Robertson hold 15,000 lbs of beds upright while Eldon England gets ready to hoist another bed into place.

The end of the load photo of all who endured to the end!

Tomorrow following the worship and Bible study at Kramatorsk the congregation goes to a town called “Izium” in the Kharkiv Region. It is about 1-2 hours one way. The Kramatorsk brethren are planting a new congregation in this town.

On Sunday afternoon I will take a “fast train” to Kyiv where the remainder of my time is scheduled. I will board the train at 16:56 and arrive in Kyiv at 23:56. Checking bags is no longer a problem because you can take as much as you can carry onto the train! The earlier reference I made to paying for checked bags on the plane was misleading because Tanya did not forget to pay for her having any check through bags she just thought I would have one check though and one carry-on. Such are the adventures of travel.

Thank you for your prayers and concerns on this mission trip.

John L. Kachelman, Jr.

Kramatorsk, Ukraine

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