Available Study Resources!

I have received notice of two links to valuable resources for the Lord’s Church. These will offer you critical resources that have become out-of-print or lost.

Jon Gary has a link to debates that is phenomenal. And Jim offers a link to good resources.

I hope these will be assistance in your personal study and public teaching of God’s Word urging uncompromising loyalty to biblical authority in matters of belief and practice.

John Kachelman, Jr


From: Jon Gary Williams


Here’s a website we’ve created that deals with old “lost” debate reports. Read the initial article which explains the story. Then, beneath that, look at the unbelievably, long list of these reports. The website also contains a number of articles, etc. Please give me your assessment. Regards, Jon Gary



Subject: From Jim — Online publications & books by Christians (in PDF)

Dear Brothers and Sisters

There are about 100 or so works of out of print/out of copyright publications by Christians at the website below.

History of the Restoration Movement (http://www.therestorationmovement.com/books/books.htm)

Keep the faith

SJN in Brookings

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