March 2017 Newsletter

Dear brethren,

Here is the March 2017 UKRAINE MISSIONS newsletter. Our brethren in Ukraine and India have given very encouraging reports on the Lord’s Church. The congregation in Ivano-Frankivsk Region is continuing to be active in a number of activities that will continue to provide the gospel a firm foundation for the spreading of the gospel in the western parts of Ukraine.

Last year we were able to refurnish and remodel one of the wards in the Ivano-Frankivsk Maternity Hospital. There was a media event with regional television and newspaper present. A special plaque was posted stating that the repair and refurnishing was provided by the churches of Christ. The hospital has once again asked us to help repair and refurnish another ward. We have agreed to do what we can in this project.

The war with Russia continues to bring havoc. In his March report brother Andrew Zhuravlyov described how the invasion and occupation of Russian forces has degraded the eastern regions:

“Amidst the raging war, sufferings and religious oppression the Gorlovka Christians retain their commitment to Christ. We gathered together not only on Sundays to worship God but also during the week to study the Bible. Daily hardships and danger of losing their lives have made their faith even stronger…Though the Church of Christ is banned by the law in that region, I had the opportunity to visit our Christians in their homes and speak about Christ with their family members. I was very encouraged by their reaction to the word of God…I had individual Bible classes with them and I do hope they will obey the saving gospel one day…I thank God that on March 31, after two weeks of ministry in Gorlovka I was able to safely cross the demarcation line and return to my family in Bila Tserkva…our thoughts and hopes are directed to the ministry in our native city. We believe that one day the war and religious persecutions there will stop, and we’ll be able to reclaim and restore the seized church building. We are looking forward to the time when we’ll be able to build up the Lord’s Church together with those who are facing death every day now.”

Please read the March newsletter and rejoice in the good news that is communicated and be prayerful regarding the situations that cause concerns.

Thank you for your encouragement and support.

Click on this link to open the newsletter: 17 03 March Monthly Newsletter

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