February 2017 Newsletter

Dear brethren,

Attached is the FEBRUARY 2017 UKRAINE MISSIONS NEWSLETTER. This month’s reports offer you insight and encouragement into the Lord’s workings through His servants.

Here are some excerpts from the monthly reports…

“Unfortunately, until present time the situation in the region of the anti-terror operations continues to worsen. Regular battle causes much ruin and casualties among the civilians. Adding to this are troubles caused by the total blockage of cargo shipments by railroads and auto roads from Ukraine to the ‘uncontrolled’ regions. This causes the instability not only in these conflict regions but also in the entire country. It looks like by the present time the negotiations between Ukraine, Russia and the authorities of the unrecognized republics have come to the dead end. We can only pray for the situation and wait for the outcome.” (Andrew)

“Sadly, now we have to face pain, wars, and lamentations. I beseech you to pray for our country and its government. The war is not over and the Church in the occupied territory feels persecuted and oppressed. They don’t have means to keep the building warm. Many people lost their houses. They come and ask for help daily. The situation is the same in occupied cities.” (Dennis)

“Our plans are to start a few churches in the areas where people have opened up to us through humanitarian aid. One of those is the town of Sniatyn located 70 kilometers away from Ivano-Frankivsk. The population is about 10,100 people. Yaremche is another place and is 50 kilometers from us with the population of 10,000 people.” (Ivan)

“We thank you for prayers and support you provide for church in Ukraine. We see your love and support that is not only by words but by deeds, which speaks for your faith and fruits for God. We thank God for opening your hearts to Ukraine and His Church here. We ask the Creator to bless you for all of these deeds.” (Volodya)

Thank you for your continued support in our efforts. I hope that by reading this month’s newsletter you will know that much god is being accomplished and this will have an eternal impact.

Thank you for ALL you do to support these efforts!


To download the February 2017 Newsletter please view/click above or on this link: 17 02 February Monthly Newsletter

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