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The Secrets of the Abundant Life

The Secrets of the Abundant Life
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This CD can be listened to in a standard CD player in your car, home or office.


About This Series:

Jesus came to provide the guaranteed to a life that will give you a joy that is greater than any other, a blessedness that is happiness in its fullest measure, an assurance of entering the everlasting kingdom of our Lord, and a peace that surpasses understanding. Within Christ s teachings, He shares with us the "secrets" to this abundant life through His teaching (John 15:11). This series looks at the Lord s teachings and explains the process that we must follow if we are to find the full and abundant life!

Study through this series and let the words that Jesus spoke, revealed only in the Word of God, be the catalyst that begins the chain reaction leading one to a truly abundant life. The simple process is discovered by looking at its backward development. Each lesson retraces the steps in order to unlock the secrets to the abundant life in Christ.

This audio series has six sermons on 4 CD s and the fifth CD includes the sermon outlines and PowerPoint  slideshows. Enjoy listening to the four (4) audio CD's in your car, at work or at home. The additional fifth CD containing all the sermon materials can be used to incorporate the lessons in local preaching or a Bible study class.



  • 6 Audio Lessons
  • Sermon Materials
  • PowerPoint Slideshows
  • Sermon Handouts



  1. THE SECRETS OF THE ABUNDANT LIFE - This first lessons overviews the entire series and discusses the first point   The Secret of Living is Bearing Fruit. The benefits of bearing fruit are joy, happiness, assurance, and peace.
  2. THE SECRET OF BEARING FRUIT IS ABIDING IN CHRIST - Bearing fruit is our primary responsibility as branches and this lesson stresses the importance and necessity of abiding in Christ in order to bear His fruit.
  3. THE SECRET OF ABIDING IS OBEYING THE COMMANDS OF JESUS - Christ always followed the principle of abiding through obeying His Father s commands while on earth. The same should govern our conduct as Christians as well. This lesson examines the importance of obedience throughout the Word of God.
  4. THE SECRET OF OBEYING IS LOVING GOD - Our spiritual lives are confronted with varying levels of obedience on a daily basis and the level of obedience is always motivated by some source. When we are motivated by love we will be faithful in our obedience in good times as well as in bad.
  5. THE SECRET OF LOVING IS KNOWING GOD - The more we know God and Jesus, the more we will love Them. Only those who have come to truly know God have learned to love both man and God. Knowing God is the first major step in the process of living the abundant life.
  6. THE SECRET OF KNOWING GOD IS READING GOD S BOOK - True knowledge of God is the only thing that will result in our enjoying an abundant life, and this knowledge is only gained by reading and studying the Bible. The failure of Christians to enjoy abundant living is the result of biblical ignorance. There is a way to fix the failure so we can enjoy the full and abundant life promised by God.


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