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Biblical Beatitudes

Biblical Beatitudes
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God’s greatest desire is for man to experience genuine happiness. The Almighty created man and placed him in a perfect environment with a perfect companion. Man was happy until Satan entered and ruined the bliss. However, God’s plans were not destroyed. The Almighty’s omniscience had prepared for this event and the Son of God came to earth to offer the once-for-all sacrifice that would restore man’s happiness.

Man’s happiness is still God’s primary objective (John 14:26; Philippians 4:6-8). Although God’s Heaven offers eternal happiness to man (Revelation 7:16, 17), man does not have to wait for Heaven in order to find genuine happiness. God has revealed to man certain instructions on how happiness can be secured while living on earth. These instructions are summarized in “Beatitudes” that are found throughout the Bible. These statements offer the Christian direction so that he can rest in the happiness that God offers.



  • 15 bible lessons for a quarter of study
  • CD packaged in DVD-style case with full-color cover
  • Full content outline of lesson text
  • Handouts
  • PowerPoint slideshows and handouts


Table of Contents:

  1. Lesson 1. The Beatitudes Describe Character (Matt. 5:1-12)
  2. Lesson 2. Blessed Are The Poor In Spirit (Matt. 5:3)
  3. Lesson 3. Blessed Are They That Mourn (Matt. 5:4)
  4. Lesson 4. Blessed Are The Meek (Matt. 5:5)
  5. Lesson 5. Blessed Are They Who Hunger and Thirst (Matt. 5:6)
  6. Lesson 6. Blessed Are The Merciful (Matt. 5:7)
  7. Lesson 7. Blessed Are The Pure In Heart (Matt. 5:8)
  8. Lesson 8. Blessed Are The Peacemakers (Matt. 5:9)
  9. Lesson 9. Blessed Are Those Persecuted (Matt. 5:10-12)
  10. Lesson 10. Blessed Are The Godly (Psalm 1)
  11. Lesson 11. Blessed Are Those Who Trust in God (Psalm 2, 37, 84)
  12. Lesson 12. Blessed Are Those Who Find Forgiveness (Psalm 32)
  13. Lesson 13. Blessed Is He Who Considers the Weak (Psalm 41)
  14. Lesson 14. Blessed Are Those Who Observe His Law (Psalm 119)
  15. Lesson 15. Blessed Are The Dead (Rev. 14:13)

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